Development - Our Dream Has Become Reality!

Our Vision: After an extensive planning process involving Young Life Camping and the Nicaraguan Direct Ministry leaders, a Master Plan build out was completed between 2013 and 2017.  
During these 4 years, we built a new dining hall, 2 new dorms for kids, 1 dorm for leaders, and new infrastructure (water, electricity, sewer and storm water).  This new plan increases our bed capacity from 188 to 350 and helps relieve the overcrowding that undermined our ability to provide the kind of premier camping experience we desired. During this build out, we extensively used Service and Learning Teams to help with our build out projects, thus reducing the total labor cost by up to 20%. 

Now that this build out is completed, we are continuing with other projects using volunteer labor, donations, and Service and Learning Teams.

​Who Does This Benefit?

  • Unchurched Nicaraguan teenagers who will be attending Young Life outreach and growth camps, hearing the message of Christ and growing in their newfound faith.
  • Nicaraguan volunteer leaders and staff who will attend leader training camps and events during the year.
  • Nicaraguan adults who will attend adult camps and learn how to support the local ministry.
  • Young Life staff and volunteer leaders from all over Latin America who will attend regional training events at La Finca.
  • Local Nicaraguan churches and other Christian groups that will rent the camp when not in use by Young Life. When at full capacity, we will be one of the largest facilities in Nicaragua for church, NGO and other organizational retreats.
  • U.S. Service and Learning Teams who come to Nicaragua and utilize our facility during their stay.

​How Can You Help?​

Capital Campaign – The vision for the master plan of La Finca was crafted through a long process of discussion involving a diverse group of local Young Life field staff, donors, staff at La Finca, and veteran camping department staff from the U.S. Yet having a great plan is only the first step. In order to make La Finca the best possible place in which Nicaraguan teenagers can come hear about Jesus Christ, we need partners who can help provide the necessary resources.
Want to hear more? Contact Omar Picado​
+1 305.479.2526 — Main Camp Line
Camp Scholarships - One of the greatest needs we have is for scholarships to send kids to camp. Unlike Young Life camps in the States that cost several hundred dollars per week, our longest camp for new kids in the summer costs around $85 U.S. Still, this number is unreachable for the lower income families these kids come from. Your donations are much needed and appreciated. Find out how to give on the giving page.
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