El Nido 1 and El Nido 2 cabins
El Nido 1 and El Nido 2 (named after a bird in Nicaragua)

Each cabin has a capacity for 30 people, and is excellent for small grups, or to share with a family.

Each building has three rooms on the first floor and one room on the second floor. The bathrooms and showers are right next to each cabin.

El Bosque cabin
El Bosque (each room is named after a tree--Oak, Granadillo, Pine and Cypress)
El Bosque, has four cabins, with a capacity of 72 people, on the ground floor.  Upstairs are 6 toilets and 6 showers and a large dressing area.  


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Familiar cabin
Family Cabin

This is a comfortable cabin with two bedrooms and a shared bathroom with a hot water shower.  Each bedroom contains a queen size bed and a two bunk beds. The common area is equipped with a kitchen, dining room and living room.

Outside, the porch is an ideal place to read, relax or share with friends and family.
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